New Year’s Resolutions

Happy 2013! Did you make any New Years resolutions?


Every year around this time, I consider goals for the upcoming year. Since my brain is highly visual, I have made my New Years resolutions in the form of a Dreamboard. (I’ve uploaded my Dreamboard to Pinterest too!) It includes everything ranging from my financial goals, hopes for my family and personal relationships, images of people I would like to meet, a reminder to continue giving back to the community by offering my knowledge, and much more.

Please also share your New Years resolutions with me by pinning to my Dreamboard on Pinterest. I will use your feedback to tailor the upcoming videos to address pain points in your photography learning. What are your greatest obstacles? How can I help?



On my Dreamboard, you will also notice some images of exotic places where I would like to go. One of the new things I will be doing this year is not just traveling, but also teaching while I am traveling. I am really looking forward to doing workshops while on safari – meeting new people and seeing new places!


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Do you have any New Years resolutions related to photography? One of my resolutions, which I hope will excite my readers, is that I will be uploading one brand new free video every week relating to a photography tip or news, or merely something interesting about where I am or what I am doing at that time.


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Another major resolution of mine for this year is to connect with you. I am interested in meeting new people that are interested in photography and want to learn more about photography, whether through Facebook, Google+ Hangouts (should we do a regular, weekly hangout with everyone?), or YouTube.


Forbes recently wrote an article on this, and I have learned from experience, that making your resolutions public can help you stick with these goals throughout the year. Even better, tell a friend or share your resolutions as images on my Dreamboard for all of us to see.

By sharing my resolutions with you, I am hoping that you can help keep me accountable throughout the year.


Too many years of surfing and kite-boarding has caused my body to stiffen and lose flexibility. One of my fitness resolutions for the year is to practice yoga up to three times per week.

PS – Please don’t forget to share your Dreamboard with me. I will be using your feedback to improve my videos and posts throughout the year.